PAM® Baking

PAM® Baking combines the unbeatable no-stick power of PAM® with real flour. This baking spray is specially formulated to reach every nook and cranny of even your most intricate bakeware. PAM® Baking pan spray is the secret to your baking success. It is no-stick where you need it most.
Banana Bran Muffins
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Blueberry-Lemon Baked Oatmeal
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Chile Cheese Cornbread
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99% Less Residue* - Learn More
Banana Nut Bread - Get the recipe
Pam Backing with Flour
* Versus a leading brand of margarine, leading bargain brand of canola-oil cooking spray, and vegetable-oil cooking spray, after baked at 400° F for 30 minutes, cooled, and washed in one
regular dishwasher cycle