12 muffin tin recipes to make this year

When using muffin pans, think beyond muffins and cupcakes. You can now use them to make any number of single-serving meals and snacks — both sweet and savory! These tiny muffin pan recipes will be a hit for kids and grownups alike, so get to baking. With busy days upon us there’s no time to waste. Try one of these creative muffin tin ideas for the next weeknight dinner (or dessert):

Mini Tex-Mex Turkey Meatloaves

 Put a twist on a mom classic by taking the meatloaf and turning it into mini loaves. This recipes combines ground turkey with flavorful tomatoes and taco seasoning for a fast weeknight meal.

 Baked Sloppy Joe Cups

 This messy but delicious American staple gets a makeover without losing any of its taste. Shrunk to mouth-size portions, these baked Sloppy Joe cups are filled with Manwich, ground chuck beef and topped with cheese.

Mini Pumpkin Cheesecake 

It must have hurt when these little morsels fell from heaven — yup, that’s how tasty they are. These mini cheesecakes feature a creamy pumpkin filling on top of a walnut crust. Delish! 

 Carrot Muffins

Okay, okay, we might have said not to just focus on muffins when using a muffin tin. But these carrot muffins simply can’t be passed up. They’re made with fresh fruit and finished with a walnut-coconut topping. 


 Mini Bean Burrito Cups

When has a burrito ever fit the palm of your hand? Never, probably — they’re tasty, but huge. Well, not anymore. With these mini bean burrito bowls — made with refried beans and taco seasoned beef — you won’t have to stuff yourself silly.  


 Mini Apple Pies

That’s right: Mini apple pies. All the great taste in a bite-sized version of the original. If not for quantity control, use this recipe to impress family and friends at your next get-together. 


Easy Chicken Pot Pie 

 What’s not to love about chicken pot pie? It’s got chicken, vegetables and a crispy, golden crust. And if that wasn’t enough, now it’s the perfect mouth-sized goodie.


Mini Mushroom Egg Bake

A carb-less, protein-packed breakfast option filled with Egg Beaters, mushrooms, onion, and cheese. This recipe is perfect for a casual weekend breakfast or for a brunch entrée. 



In today’s world of busy schedules, this is the perfect recipe when you're on-the-go, so you don’t skip the most important meal of the day. This savory breakfast muffin is chock full of great ingredients—Egg Beaters, oats, breakfast sausage, applesauce, carrots and cheese. 


Mexican Egg Cups

Fire up your taste buds in the morning with these tiny cups flavored with Egg Beaters, fresh jalapeno, and cheese baked inside a corn tortilla and topped with salsa. 


Apricot Almond Oat Cups 

This miniature oatmeal cookie crust surrounds a sweet almond and apricot filling. Crowd pleasing and stomach filling — you can’t ask for more from a snack. 


Oatmeal Cookies Cups 

Make your day a little better by eating one of these delicious oatmeal cookie cups. Make it fun for your kids by decorating your cups with candy flowers to turn them into “Flower Pot” Oatmeal Cookies.